Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chamonix Sept

I've not blogged much this season, but hopefully with a good winter ahead of us I'll try to have a photographic account of our travels.

I'd bought and converted a VW Transporter in to a campervan during the summer.

So me and John Glendinning made good use of it and headed off to France during September.
First port of call was Fontainebleau for some Bouldering action.

It was then a toss up between the Verdon or Chamonix.

8hrs later we were in Chamonix.

To get acclimatised we headed up the Aiguille du Midi for the classic Rebuffat route on the SE Pillar.

The following morning was windy and the Midi was closed.
So we decided to drive over to La Fouly and climb the Amone Slab on the Dalle de L'Amone.

John damaged both his big toes on the previous 2 routes!!  For him, wearing rock shoes was unbearable, so I climbed with a guy from the camp site we were staying at.

Me and Bradley headed up for a day on Envers Slab for Les Vertiges De L'automne


To finish off our few days in Cham, me and John had a blast up the Petite Verte.

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