Monday, 15 December 2008

Tooling Comp

After 1 to many beers on Friday night, I woke up Saturday morning feeling crap! . Andy, Nathan, and me got ourselves signed on at the Ice Factor in Kinlochleven. We decided to start with the problem in the ice cube. As Nathan shows below, it was a interesting problem with the leap of faith!
We then got started on the other problems, which ranged from swinging logs, Campus board, and climbing up the out side of the building. One of the problems (11) you had to move out from a roof and into a tin opener hold, then a figure four over one axe, at that point one of my axes popped and smashed into my nose. Much to the amusement of Andy and Nathan who had taken a photo of the moment. After mopping up the blood and putting on some steri strips, I was back in action.
At 3pm we handed in our score sheets and the results were announced. I had made it through to the final of the vets. All the finalist had to go into isolation, which I was pretty uncomfortable with.
After the 4th clip I matched on one of my axes on a tin opener hold, but dropped the other axe in the process. Doh....

Steve joined us on Saturday night, then on Sunday we ended up at the Ice-Factor again for some more punishing dry tooling.

Nathan on Leap of Faith

Horrible Mantle

Andy cruising

Andy on one of the log problems

Me up the wall

My second attempt on this problem

Nathan on route 11

Andy climbing some rubble

Me in the Final

Dave McLeod doing what he does best

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Coire An T-Sneachda 6th Dec

Back to Aviemore again on Friday Night, with John, Scott and Steve.
After a night at the Aviemore Bunkhouse, we headed for the Northern Corries, but our Journey was halted with the gate been closed on the Ski road. After nearly 2hrs the gritters had salted the road, and the gate was finally opened.
My original plan was to head over to Coire An Lochain, but with our earlier delays we followed the hoards of people into Sneachda.
Scott and John had a good time on Fingers Ridge IV,4
Me and Steve went and did Seam-stress IV,6. Steve's very first mixed route. Excellent route, and worth more than it's 2 * If the Seam is worth 3* then this is to.

Tooling Comp next Saturday, and hopefully a route on Sunday.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Tooling Comp and Sneachda

I entered the Dry Tooling comp in Aviemore on Saturday, with Nathan and Andy. We ran out of time and didn't manage all the set problems but I scraped into the finals. I'd need to train harder to conquer the roof sections, but enjoyed it. I'll be back for the final round in two weeks time at the Ice Factor.

Our plan for Sunday was Coire An Lochain, but on the walk in we could see it was very black. We decided to check out Coire An T-Sneachda which wasn't looking much better.
Fiacaill Buttress was looking like our best choice, so me and Nathan did The Seam IV,5

Great wee Route.

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