Friday, 22 February 2008

Ben Nevis 20th Feb

Scott and I blasted up to the CIC in 1hr 40mins, with the new path making it a much more enjoyable journey. The CIC was ram packed with folk getting ready for the day, so we headed up to Smith's Route V,5 Poor visibility and frequent snow showers was the order of the day. Oh and hot aches for us both, but Scott suffered the most.
The Icicle variation was missing so we climbed the original finish which was in good steep condition if a little brittle. Fantastic route and well worth it's 4****

No3 looked a bit iffy so we descended No4 and made the VERY long and steep approach up to The Cascade IV,5 This also was a great route and we finished it off with 3 pitches of Raeburn's Easy Route.

Top day out.

Pics to follow.

Cogne 3rd - 10th Feb

Fantastic weather in Cogne, with the lowest over night temp of -14.5 ÂșC and nice sunny days. The Climbing was excellent, but any Cascades in the Sun were starting to suffer...
We Spent one day at La Thuile and another at Courmayeur Skiing and Snowboarding.

Great week.

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