Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Borrowdale 30th May

This morning we headed for the Lakes and decided that the coffee and scones of Borrowdale's Lodore Farm were to irresistible to miss! After breakfast we headed for Black Crag.
Me and Karl went up Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect, whilst Graham and Greg headed up a busy Troutdale Pinnacle.
Karl then set off up the excellent Prana, crimpy climbing for most of the way.
Back to the Cafe for coffee and carrot cake then we headed up to Shepard's Crag to meet Graham and Greg who were on Little Chamonix.
Me and Karl decided to Solo Little Chamonix in our trainers! finished off a great days cragging.

Brimham Rocks 23rd May

Breakfast was had in Pateley Bridge this morning, then me and John went over to Brimham Rocks. We got started in the northern edges area and we did Right-hand Crack, then John led Cracked Corner, both good wee routes.
We then moved over to Lovers Leap area with it's impressive perched boulder at the top, we did Birch Tree Wall "great route".
We then moved over to Allen's Crack area and did the excellent Allan's Crack, yet another 3 star route.
We finished off wondering around the many dozens of boulders for a spot of bouldering.

Top Day.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Lakes Hodge Close 9th May

With a poor forecast me John and Glenn went to Hodge Close today. Weather was fine till I was half way up a route when the heavens opened! slate's not the best rock to climb during a down pour! had to leave it for a while before I brought the pair of them up in now damp conditions.
It turned out to be the only down pour of the day, but we went down to the all weather gym area for the rest of the afternoon. lots of new bolts have been placed but lots are missing?

Walltown Quarry 3rd May

6 of us had a good evening at Walltown. This crag doesn't see much traffic probably due to the lack of bolts. With a few more bolts placed and a good clean up, this could be a very good sports climbing area, given northumberland's only sports area! Not many pics.

Peak District 2nd May

Back down to Hathersage this morning. breakfast at Outside, then we headed for Millstone Edge with good sunny weather, it was a bit to warm for the great grit stone classics, so after a couple of routes we then headed over to Burbage North for a spot of bouldering.

Stanage 26th April

A blast down to the Peak district was in order today with John and Glenn. Starting our day at the Outside cafe in Hathersage. Then it was back up the road to a very busy Stanage edge.
Starting our day in the Flying Buttress area we worked are way to the plantation boulder field.

Friday, 13 April 2007

Gimmer Crag. Langdale 12th April

Today me and John. G. headed for Gimmer Crag. The great weather had attracted a lot of people to the higher crags, which are very dry at present.

We got started with Ash Tree Slabs, VD. to join a busy ash tree ledge, so next up we did 'D' Route, S. Abseiled back to the now quieter tree ledge. We then set off up Kipling Grooves, HVS.
It must me about 11 years ago since I last did this route with Karl T and I couldn't remember one bit of the route, even the now memorable (crux) rightwards reach to that diagonal crack. Excellent route even if I did make a arse of the crux moves!

Abseil back to our rucksack's and a quick bite to eat, then on to The Crack, VS. With time running out I decided to do this in two pitches rather than the guide book suggestion of three.
Great day in the lakes, apart from my Camera been in the Van and John's not working for some strange reason.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Ben Nevis 3rd - 4th April

With all my climbing partner's away on there hols this week (lucky sods) I decided to have 2 day's soloing on the Ben. Ice and weather conditions were just fantastic.
Lots of people climbing on the Tuesday but seemed very quiet on the Wednesday. I climbed 5 routes over the 2 day's with lots of sun bathing in between climbs.

Indicator Wall V,4
Green Gully IV,3
Winter Cascade IV,5
Good Friday Climb III,
Comb Gully IV,4

Thanks to Fi for taken and sending the photo of me exiting out of Green Gully.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Teesside Track day

Well I finally got the CRF finished for Fridays track day at Teesside.
It was a mixed day for weather and grip, slicks in the morning then wets in the afternoon, GWS to Neil, having snapped his Collar bone, and now our Michael has snapped his radius bone doing a stoppie!!! knacker.

BenNevis 21/03/07

Stayed at Alan Kimbers place on Tuesday night (very nice) and he offered me and Liam a lift to the Dam carpark, I thought about the offer for about a mili second before accepting LOL

We headed for Observatory Buttress, but upon closer inspection the Orion Face looked in good condition. So we decided to head for Astral Highway VI,5
The Ice was in fantastic condition, and is possibly the best ice I have ever climbed on. On our way down we bumped into Alan and got a lift back down from the Dam Car park. top bloke.

Wicked day!!!

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